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Custom made solutions

During almost sixty year’s tradition VUKI a.s. continuously transferred part from originally executed research tasks in former Czechoslovak companies Kablo and EZ to execution in its own production. VUKI a.s. successfully utilize extensive know-how of its predecessor in engineering production with high added value and in permanent innovation of its own products, whereby whole company’s assortment is a result of own research and development. Beside these activities are employees of the company able and ready to find and realize in real time individual solutions for specific need and requirements of our clients.
We can mention for illustration out of successful client solutions from recent years for example; data-power cables LHKE for transport robotic system designated for CERN, or special quad and twin flexible cables for analogue and digital transmission in specific railway carriages RIC – functional also during a fire and during vibrations.

We can offer our clients similar original solutions, custom made for their needs in three basic areas:

1. Material and construction solution of special cables and wires for various applications and environments of their usage with protection barriers against mechanical, thermal, electrical and other  client defined effects.
2. Solution of impregnation resins and casting materials for various ways of their processing with specifications and technological parameters according to individual requirements including their control and modifications during storage and processing at client.
3. Material and construction solution of ribbons and winding wires with various types of even multiple insulation primarily for higher thermal classes.
Custom made solutions represent a result of interaction between VUKI a.s. and its client base. We strive to offer to our clients solutions of their problems also with products, which are not in our main product portfolio.

Case study:

MURAT s.r.o. is satisfied client of VUKI a.s. for many years. Its requirements were never specific; the company has been buying products out of VUKI a.s. product portfolio. However with diversification into other industries MURAT s.r.o. needs also new inputs for its business. It has decided to use VUKI a.s. offer – Custom made solutions, which will ensure individual approach in solutions of its needs and problems.


In case that your company is in a similar situation as MURAT s.r.o. from case study, choose following procedure:
1. Try to specify your requirement.
2. Contact us through our questionnaire; you will be contacted by our employee by return.