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 Stability and traditional quality of VUKI production is what motivates our customers to create long-time and functional busi¬ness relationships with our company. The combination of research and development potencial of the former research institute of cables and insulants, knowledge of market and its requirements and business activities give perspective for successful progress in all areas of our business.
VUKI a.s. is today a strong, modern and competitive production- and business-oriented company. Having satisfied custom¬ers and stable market position is our main goal. We are a supplier for important European leaders in field of production of electromotors for electrotechnical and automotive industry, electronics and customer electronics. We are the equal partner to our customers, who expect our advice, quarantee and recommendations. Our customers rely on our professional opinion and perfect service. We have been here for them and for you. We create new business relationships through our sales offices in central Europe and in Russia. The sales offices are our information channels. We have a significant portfolio of products, which meets all demanding technical, ecological and health criteria. The products certified in Underwrite Laboratories, USA are quarantee of compatibility for electro-insulated systems and these certified products have possibility to become successful on American continent. Our production is environmentally friendly and binds to the humanely behaviour to the environment. We have certificates ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.
We know that the best way to ensure customers confidence in our products is to listen to their opinions and to perceive their needs. Our effort is being constructive and innovative partner who is here for you when you need.

Our main principles of quality:
  • Satisfied customer
  • Customer satisfaction through reliable quality of supply
  • Improvement of all processes by minimizing consumption and by reduction costs
  • Reducing negative impacts of all our activities and products on the environment 


In favor of our clients is offered assortment expanded to include our logistics and technical services as well as counseling and recommendations. In agreement with our clients we are able to provide “just in time“ deliveries as well as to set up a consignment warehouse in your enterprise or to provide tests of basiscs paramenters and specialized tests. Business activities and counseling outside the Slovakia we offer through our representatives in Czech Republic, Germany, Russia, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Estonia, Austria, Slovenia and elsewhere. Enjoy our services!