Professional and publishing activity

Current professional and publishing activity:


1. Patent Number 288596 granted June 1, 2018. Use of potting electroinsulating material with high thermal conductivity, authors: Kotlárik, B., Vaňková, R., Sulová, J., Filová, Z., Ďuračka, M.

2. Patent application PP 43-2018 given on May 16, 2018. Method of styrene stabilizationfor the preparation of polyester or polyesterimide resins, authors: Kotlarik, B., Sulová, J., Filová, Z., Kozákova, A., Kocúrová, K., Karlubík, R., Žiak, Ľ., Hudec, I.

3. Patent application PP 44-2018 given on May 17, 2018. Apparatus for checking electric cables parameters and the method of determining the speed of ultrasound propagation in electric cable sheath or in the insulation of electric conductors of cables, authors: Martinka, J., Balog, K., Sulová, J.

4.Application of utility model 90-2018 given on May 17, 2018, Apparatus for checking electric cables parameters and the method of determining the speed of ultrasound propagation in electric cable sheath or in the insulation of electric conductors of cables, authors: Martinka, J., Balog, K., Sulová, J.,

5. Patent application (processing). Equipment for testing fire characteristics of electric cables, authors: Martinka, J., Balog, K., Sulova, J.,

Numerous publications and presentations in professional journals and conferences.


Professional and publishing activities throughtout research institute era:

VUKI a.sprofessional literature 

1. Insulators and insulation, Alfa publishing house, 1969, Artbauer, J. - Šedovič, J. – Adamec

2. Slovak - English and English - Slovak dictionary of cable and insulation area, VUKI, De Reyova, A.

3. Properties, processing and use of plastic. Alfa publishing house, 1974 Kovačič Ľubomír, Bína Jaroslav.

4. Plastics and corrosion, Alfa publishing house, 1971 Ľubomír Kovačič, Jaroslav Bína, Zdeněk Komárek.

5. Little Encyclopedia of Chemistry, Obzor publishing house 1968, SNTL 1976, Obzor 1980, Jaroslav Bína, et al.

6. History of rubber processing, rubber production and rubber additives development in Slovakia. Vol. 13 - Study on the history of rubber processing in Slovakia, Bratislava 1999. Sulová, J.: Contribution of VUKI to the development of rubber processing and rubber production in Slovakia.


VUKI a.s. patents

1. Patent Number: 270831, Electroinsulating material process preparation; date: August 14, 1990; authors: Pavlinec Juraj, Zeleňák Pavel, Rado Rudolf.

2. Patent Number: 236123, Semiconducting polymer cable compound; date: August 1, 1987; authors: Zeleňák Pavel, Rado Rudolf.

3. Patent Number: 221180, Non-pressurized chemical crosslinking process for shaped products; date: January 15, 1986; authors: Májek Stanislav, Rado Rudolf, Langfelder Ján.

4. Patent Number: 220942, Polyethylene products or structures, cable products with enhanced thermo-mechanical stability in particular; date: March 15, 1986; authors: Rado Rudolf, Pavol Zeleňák, Májek Stanislav, Šimunková Dagmar.

5. Patent Number: 219174, Process for the production of products, cable profiles of chemically crosslinked polyethylene in particular; date: June 1, 1985, authors: Pavol Zeleňák, Rado Rudolf, Šimunková Dagmar.

6. Patent Number: 281094, Mixture for the production of insulation sheathing for lead-in cables for electric detonators; date: November 7, 2014; authors: Weisz Alexander, Vaštjak Ivan, Černošek Zdeněk, Stašík Peter, Kliman Norbert, Zeleňák Pavel.

7. Patent number: DE 3931741A1 Hochfrequenzkoaxialkabel (BRD, H01 B 11/18), date: March 29, 1990.

8. Patent number: 91100050.3 - Coaxial cable, EP with AT, BE, CH, DE, ES, IT, LI priorities.

9.VERBICH, O et. al:  Neue Moeglichkeiten der Verwendung von ballonfoermigen Isolierungen fuer Hochfrequenz-Koaxial-Kabel, NTZarchiv, Band 9 (1987), H.3.

10.P 210 090: Coaxial connector.

11.P 212 625: Connection for automatic control of coaxial wavelength impedance.

12.247311: High-frequency cable with composite insulation.

13.P 272608: Coaxial cable with increased shielding efficiency.

14.P 272640: Symmetrical shielded communication cable and method of manufacture.

15.P 272643: Flexible cable.

16.P 274064: Coaxial cable for car antennas.

17. 274071: A method of manufacturing an outer core of coaxial cables and a device for performing this method.

18.P 233225: Shielded communication cable.

19.P 254030: Optical cable and method of its production.

20.P 264185: Coaxial cable with composite outer core.
21.P 267317: High-frequency communication cable with multi-layer outer core.

22.P 268587: Shielded communication cable with combined shielding.

23.P 270101: Line attenuator for high frequency signal and method of its production.

24.P 275808: Coaxial cable for fast computer networks.

25.P 276807: Device for forming grooves in the surface of a cylindrical insulation.

26.P 276831: Coaxial cable for higher ambient temperatures.

27.P 220267: Matulay Dušan, Bínová Gabriela, Electro-insulating solvent-free impregnant suitable for impregnation of windings of electrical machines, applying drip technology.

28.P 220979: Dušan Matulay, Bínová Gabriela, Electroinsulating solvent-free impregnant and method of its production.

29. P 252365: Matulay Dusan, Lučeničová Katarína, Electro-insulating varnish.

30.AO 247 022, Kotlárik, B. et al. Low viscosity curable potting compound.

31. AO 279 734 (1990), Kotlárik, B. et al. Polyols for PUR potting compounds.

32.PV - 6722-90 (1990), Kotlárik, B. et al. Method of casting winding of welding transformers.

33.PV 1588-95, Kotlárik, B. et al. Hermetic cable gland.

34.AO 288 596, Kotlárik, B. et al. Use of potting electro-insulating compound with high thermal conductivity.

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